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Journal Club

  • All fellows discuss article in advance (at least 2 days) with Dr. Beddhu.
  • Major discussed tables and figures should be on transparencies.
  • Articles should have significant impact.
  • Basic and clinical sciences articles are encouraged, not reviews or case reports.

Case-Based Presentations

    • Each presentation takes about 20 minutes.
    • Does not have to be elegant or formal.
    • Reviews focused nephrology topic.

M&M/Faculty Cases

    • M&M cases should be discussed at least 2 days in advance with Dr. Kohan.
    • HIPAA regulations are followed.
    • Identifying solutions, as opposed to placing fault, should be emphasized.

Landmark Papers


  • Key papers in a given area discussed.
  • Papers should be as recent as possible.
  • Current guidelines should be based on these papers.
  • Fellows discuss papers at least 2 days in advance with Dr. Beddhu.
  • Some papers may be found on Fellow's Lounge Website
  • Examples:
    • HEMO study for dialysis dose
    • IDNT/RENAAL for ARB in DM
    • Lifton papers identifying Na transporters in hypertension

Fellows are responsible for making any switches in presentation dates.
Cancellations are not acceptable, except in emergencies or illness.