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The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) serves as a central resource for investigators and study staff involved in clinical trials research. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive clinical research infrastructure and training to facilitate the work of clinical investigators and their study teams in a timely, efficient, and customer-friendly manner, while supporting the safe and ethical conduct of clinical research. 

We aim to increase the quality and quantity of clinical research trials in the Dept. of Internal Medicine by strengthening trial management through administrative services, research support, and education.

What We Can Do for You:

CTU provides support and resources to IM investigators and research personnel in order to ensure efficient and compliant conduct of human subject research. 

  • Serve as a source of information about institutional research resources and regulations (including SOPs)
  • Facilitate training and education on various aspects of clinical trials
  • Offer clinical research coordination support/services
  • Perform internal monitoring and audits for PI initiated trials
  • Provide support for clinical research regulatory compliance, including and FDA applications (IND, IDE)

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Oct 21, 2019

1U4U Funding Initiative

The One Utah for Utah (1U4U) program is designed to seed pan-campus collaborations in areas of mutual interest and opportunity (campus, education, engagement, research, and scholarship. The objective is to stimulate grassroots collaborations, supported by joint incentive seed funding from the two SVPs and associated deans and administrative units, driven by multiple objectives. Projects will be based on triads, at least 2 faculty members drawn from at least two different colleges.... Read More

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