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Resident and non-resident tuition rates and payment schedules can be found on the University of Utah Tuition and Income Accounting Office site.

Tuition Rates

  • Resident
  • Non-Resident


The Department of Neurobiology Graduate certificate program in Anatomical Health Sciences is approved for the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) resident tuition rate.

The WRGP allows students of most western US states and territories to take approved courses at up to 150% of Resident tuition rates. For more information, please see and contact us with questions about eligibility.

Supplemental Fees

In addition to tuition and student fees, those enrolled in the graduate certificate in Anatomical Health Sciences will pay a differential tuition of $X,XXX per credit. Those taking the Anatomical Sciences Lab bootcamp will pay a supplemental fee of $X,XXX. These fees cover fixed costs associated with administrative support and materials specific to the lab.

Financial Support

Questions regarding tuition and fees may be answered by contacting the University of Utah Tuition and Income Accounting Office at 801-581-7344.

Financial aid in the form of loans may be available depending on need and availability of funds. For more information, please contact the University of Utah Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at 801-581-6211. The Department of Neurobiology does not offer financial aid to students. Obtaining financial aid is the responsibility of the student.

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