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Our Research

The Headache Physiology Lab’s mission is to understand the mechanisms of migraine and post-traumatic headache. These related disorders are commonly understood as "only" headaches, but they are much more, involving disruptions in all the senses, activation of stress responses, and for many patients—a transition to a chronic pain state.

On a scientific level, we approach migraine and post-traumatic headache as systems neuroscience problems. Our core hypothesis is that these disorders are manifestations of dysfunctional network plasticity.


Members of the Headache Physiology Lab work to publish their findings in several well-known journals and other sources. See their latest publications.


Join Us

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are invited to be a part the Headache Physiology Lab. Working alongside tenured faculty members and other fellow researchers is a valuable experience for pre-med students or aspiring neurologists. Check open positions.

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