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Research in Ophthalmology


This course is open to all medical students.

Course Description

This elective is designed for medical students who are interested in a career in ophthalmology and desire an in-depth experience in some of the newer facets of ophthalmic research. Student must contact and discuss proposed projects with one of the ophthalmology faculty and obtain advanced approval to rotate. Retroactive credit will not be given.

For a list of available researchers, please contact:

Chandler Thompson      
Executive Assistant
Phone: 801-581-3023

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Evaluations will be coordinated by the Ophthalmology’s Academic Office
  2. Evaluations will be completed by the faculty on rotation with the medical student
  3. Evaluations are signed by Jeff Pettey, MD, program director
  4. Originals are sent to Student Affairs; copies are kept on file in the ophthalmology’s academic office

Minimum of two weeks, maximum of 12 weeks-one student per faculty member