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Welcome Dr. Chris Fillmore

The University of Utah Department of Pathology welcomes Dr. Chris Fillmore as one of its newest faculty members. Dr. Fillmore joined the Anatomic Pathology Division in December 2020 as a Research Assistant Professor. Many people in the department may already know Dr. Fillmore, as he has serveas the Director of the Biorepository at Huntsman Cancer Institute since 2015.

Dr. Fillmore is returning to the Department of Pathology for the third timehaving previously worked as a research technician and postdoctoral research fellow. He is a native Utahn; he received bachelors degree from the University of Utah and a PhD from Utah State University. He spent several years working for Roche Diagnostics Systems in California before returning to Utah.

In his role as the Biorepository Director at Huntsman Cancer Institute, Dr. Fillmore is responsible for collecting and banking oncology samples for research. He is enjoying being a part of academia and looks forward to exploring further research opportunities.

Dr. Fillmore and his wife are foodies and enjoy exploring the many great restaurants in Salt Lake Cityhe also enjoys hiking. He is excited to breturning to the Department of Pathology again.

Chris Fillmore