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Welcome Katie Boylan

The Department of Pathology is pleased to announce that Dr. Katherine Boylan has returned to the University of Utah. Dr. Boylan, who completed her residency with the department, joined the faculty in August 2020 as an Assistant Professor (Clinical) in the Anatomic Pathology Division.

Dr. Boylan is originally from Florida and received her MD from Florida Atlantic University before coming to the University of Utah as a resident in both anatomic and clinical pathology. She fell in love with Utah and the department, noting that the faculty were very supportive and the work environment was outstanding. After completing a fellowship in gastrointestinal and hepatic pathology, she was excited to accept an offer to return to the University of Utah.

Dr. Boylan signs out GI, liver, and gynecological cases, and also works in molecular immunohistochemistry. Dr. Boylan has enjoyed learning new aspects of anatomic pathology. She hopes to participate in both GI research and resident education in the future.  

Dr. Boylan has two dogs who are her “buddies”. She enjoys the Utah mountains and the many outdoor activities that are available here.

Katherine Boylan