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Welcome Dr. Abdulrahman Saadalla

Welcome, Dr. Abdulrahman Saadalla

The Department of Pathology welcomes Abdulrahman Saadalla, M.B., B.Ch. as a new faculty member at the University of Utah and ARUP.

Dr. Saadalla is an assistant professor in the Clinical Pathology Division and specializes in immunology, allergy diagnostics, and coagulation. He is trained in clinical pathology, special coagulation, and molecular genetic pathology and has strong clinical and academic interest in diagnostic immunology.

Dr. Saadalla's academic career began at Alexandria University, where he earned his medical degree and a diploma in diagnostic clinical immunology. He then completed a residency in clinical pathology at the Mayo Clinic before undertaking clinical and research fellowships at Mayo and at Washington University.

The many academic opportunities available at ARUP and the University appealed to Dr. Saadalla. He noted that on his first visit, he could clearly sense the support given to research and development at all levels.

Outside of work, Dr. Saadalla hopes to travel to new places and go for long walks. As he has only been with the department for three months, he is looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Abdul Saadalla