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Meet Dr. Vrajesh Pandya

Meet Dr. Vrajesh Pandya

Vrajesh Pandya, PhD, DABCC joined the Department of Pathology faculty in July 2022. Dr. Pandya, a former fellow with the department, is an Assistant Professor (Clinical) in the Clinical Pathology Division and works with the University of Utah Health Laboratories.

Dr. Pandya grew up in India but came to Utah by way of Canada, where he received a PhD at the University of Alberta; he then came to the University of Utah to undertake a fellowship in clinical chemistry. His specialties are clinical chemistry and toxicology, although he enjoys acute care testing involving other areas in clinical pathology, including hematology and coagulation.

He was drawn to the University of Utah by the opportunities to collaborate with experts in the field of laboratory medicine. Dr. Pandya also appreciates the opportunity to teach, describing the department's residents and fellows as 'exceptionally bright'.

Describing himself as a problem-solver, Dr. Pandya likes to figure out what's broken and fix it, whether the problem is with his son's toys or interpersonal relationships. He also enjoys mindfulness activities with his family.

He is also open to new and creative approaches toward solving problems and/or research and is actively looking for collaborators.

Raj Pandya