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Introducing Dr. Jian Zhao

Introducing Dr. Jian Zhao

The Department of Pathology welcomes Jian Zhao, PhD to the faculty. Dr. Zhao, a former fellow with the department, has been appointed as a medical director with the ARUP Cytogenetics and Genomic Microarray Lab.

Dr. Zhao is a clinical laboratory geneticist who has been trained in both cytogenetics and molecular genetics in the Laboratory Genetics and Genomics fellowship program at the University of Utah. Prior to coming to Utah, he received a BS in biological technology and a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

He is excited to work alongside his wonderful colleagues at ARUP, which he characterizes as a top lab with a great reputation. Outside of the lab, he enjoys swimming, hiking, and reading.


Jian Zhao