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Utah PEM-GH fellows are with the University of Utah PEM Division for 4 years total. They complete their ABP and ACGME competency-based PEM fellowship requirements in 3 years and are eligible to sit for the PEM board exam.  Please see the sample block schedule below.  After the third year, Utah PEM-GH fellows are credentialed to see patients at Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) Emergency Department (ED) in Salt Lake City.  Global Health activities indicated in the sample block schedule for years 1 to 3 include time for coursework, fieldwork, and research.  These global health activities are incorporated throughout the entire four-year experience.

Sample Block Schedule

For years 1-3, the PEM-GH fellow completes all PEM requirements. Global Health blocks are used for fieldwork, formal coursework, and global health-related research. Fellows spend 4-6 months during years 1-3 doing fieldwork, depending on individual fellow needs. The remainder of global health blocks are used to complete formal global health related coursework and/or research, depending on individual fellow needs.  PEM-GH fellows spend no more than two consecutive months abroad during years 1-3.

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
July PEM PEM Global Health
Sep Anesthesia 3 weeks/PEM 1 week PEM PEM
Oct PEM Trauma PEM
Nov PEM 2 weeks/PICU 2 weeks PEM PEM
Jan SHF 2 weeks/PEM 2 weeks PEM PEM
Feb PICU 2 weeks/PEM 2 weeks PEM Adult EM
Mar PEM/Global Health Global Health PEM
Apr Global Health PEM/Global Health PEM
May EMS PEM Global Health
Jun PEM Global Health Global Health

The fourth year of the Utah PEM-GH experience would be as follows:

  • 75% (0.75 FTE) PEM instructor faculty with associated clinical requirement (9 months clinical, 13 shifts per month)
  • 25% (0.25 FTE) global health – mix of clinical, research, and time to complete coursework per individual needs.


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