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2nd Year Fellows

Marilyn Valentine

Marilyn Valentine

Hometown: Draper Utah

Undergrad: BYU

Medical School: University of Nebraska

Career interests/interests within pediatrics: Infectious Disease, school based medicine.  Covid-19

Hobbies/interests outside of work: Dance, Ice skating, hiking, reading

Career before medicine: Neuroendocrine-immunology research assistant

Why Utah Pediatric Infectious Disease? I've been practicing in Utah for 18 years and didn't want to move out of state.

What is your favorite part about our program? Everyone is very friendly and helpful and values taking care of children but also themselves.

What is your favorite part about living in Salt Lake City? The mountains, it's a small city but everything is here and did I mention the mountains?

What cool research/advocacy/education/scholarly work are you participating in? I've been participating in antibiotic stewardship in general pediatrics, but plan on working on COVID-19.

What is something you didn’t know before coming to Utah that you wish you did? I've lived here all my life except during med school and residency, but the city is set up on a grid, it makes finding things pretty easy.

What are your plans following fellowship? Stay on as faculty

1st Year Fellows

Lauren Lajos

Lauren Lajos

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma

Undergrad: University of Oklahoma

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Residency: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Career interests/interests within pediatrics: Infectious Diseases, Global Health & Tropical Medicine, Advocacy (specifically working with and on behalf of marginalized youth, immigrant children, and gender-diverse youth)

Hobbies/interests outside of work: All things related to food and being outside! (Few examples are: cooking, trying new local food spots, hiking, gardening, learning the art of bonsai, skiing, and soccer). I'm also a cat mom :}

Why Utah Pediatric Infectious Disease? Utah is the only program that allowed and encouraged me to participate in a dual fellowship program (global health/infectious disease). Also I have a particular fascination with helminthic infections and there was a research opportunity studying Schistosomiasis! 

What is your favorite part about our program? The learning environment  - hands down. Ever since arriving, the entire division has been so warm and welcoming. I feel comfortable asking questions and am given ample opportunity to take the lead in situations I feel that I can handle. I've been amazed by the breadth of pathology, even in only my 1st few weeks on service. I also think the experiences and skills gained in caring for patients, not only from Utah, but also Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are invaluable.

What is your favorite part about living in Salt Lake City? Waking up to a mountain-view every morning.

What is something you didn’t know before coming to Utah that you wish you did? There are more Pride and Black Lives Matter flags/signs in people's yards and windows than I thought there would be - it's been a pleasant surprise coming from Oakland, Ca.

What are your plans following fellowship? The sky's the limit! I'm still early in my fellowship journey, so haven't entirely decided. Whatever I do, I know I want to continue to build a life and family with my partner and further my skills as a pediatric infectious disease clinician working in the intersection of global health and tropical medicine.

Program Director

Sonia Mehra, MD, MSCI

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Christie Davis

Christie Davis

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