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NEURO 7970 - Child Neurology Sub-Internship for URIM Visiting Students

A funded 4-week rotation that prepares fourth-year medical students for a wide breadth of pediatric neurology care with dedicated exposure to inpatient/intensive care neurology, neonatal neurology, pediatric neuromuscular, and pediatric epilepsy. Clinical responsibilities will build on those acquired during the third-year neurology clerkship, focusing on increasing levels of independence and responsibility. The student will develop his/her communication skills through daily interactions with patients, families, and health care team members. The sub-internship will foster lifelong learning skills through self-directed study and feedback. All students are open to apply.

Pediatric Neurology Elective

This four-week clinical rotation provides the opportunity for the student to become familiar with the techniques required for evaluation of the pediatric patient with neurological disease. Students are assigned to the child neurology unit at Primary Children's Medical Center. Activities include direct patient care, daily ward rounds, procedures, and participation in clinical conferences, brain-cutting sessions, and the child neurology outpatient clinics under the supervision of the child neurology staff. Fulfills Neurology requirement.

NEURO 7900 - Pediatric Neurology Clerkship

The Neurology Clerkship is a 4-week immersive clinical course in which students gain important team-based experience and knowledge in caring for patients with medical problems core to the neurology specialty. Clinical experiences are complemented by a discussion-based didactic (and simulation curriculum). 


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