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Optional Pre-Conference Workshop


This year’s specialty pre-conference workshop is designed to prepare you to certify as a provider of Ear AcuDetox, also known as the 5-Needle Protocol (5NP). Addictions Update 2023 is pleased to offer this workshop in partnership with Utah Acudetox

Earn 8 hours of CE credit each day.


Become one of the first healthcare providers in Utah able to perform auricular detoxification. This protocol, using 1 to 5 invariant ear acupuncture or pressure points, is an adjunctive treatment / prevention of substance use disorders and support for individuals who have experienced physical or emotional trauma.


Acudetox, also known as 5-Needle Protocol (5NP), or Ear Acudetox, treatments are provided by an NADA Acudetox Specialist (ADS) or POCA Auricular Acu-Technician (AAT) or a professional acupuncture practitioner or supervised trainee.

The use of the 5NP for detoxification, recovery support and relapse prevention has been shown to be helpful in relieving acute symptoms of withdrawal from a variety of substances. Individuals often feel immediate relief and a decrease in tension and anxiety. Further treatment may reduce such withdrawal symptoms as profuse sweating, headache, body ache, stomach pain, runny nose, drug dreams, and cravings. Participants may develop a greater sense of connection with themselves.

In this special workshop for certification, you will engage in didactics, hands-on skills training, and participation in the delivery of the 5-Needle Protocol to volunteers who wish to receive the protocol as part of the training process, supervised by trainers and individuals who already hold a certification to provide the 5NP. You will walk away with the background and skills to provide the 5NP to at least 20 individuals 940 ears0 required for completion of certification, ability to complete the people’s organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA, training and certification entity0 Quiz, and the ability to obtain their certification in 5NP from POCA as required by the Utah Department of public licensing. Once your training, practice ears, certification, and submission to DOPL is complete, you will be able to provide the 5NP in your own practice settings. Ability to provide the protocol is based on the individual’s acquisition of appropriate liability insurance and permission to provide the intervention by your organization, if applicable.


Following this specialized training, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competencies and apply for certification in 5-Needle Protocol, or Acudetox
  2. Apply Acudetox as indicated as an adjunct to clients in substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery settings

Dates & Time:

  • Part 1: Saturday, June 10  |  8:00 - 5:00
  • Part 2: Sunday, June 11  |  8:00 - 5:00


Elizabeth F. Howell, MD, MS, DLFAPA, DFASAM

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Utah Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Addiction Psychiatrist, Huntsman Mental Health Institute

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Amy de la Garza, MD, IFMCP

Physician-Owner, Heron Wellness

Physician Vulnerable Veterans PACT, Veterans Administration, Salt Lake City

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