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Limb Length 1

Limb length radiography is performed in the perioperative setting of arthroplasty and limb length discrepancy. 
Limb length

  • Measured from superior femoral head to center of tibial plafond

Mechanical axis

  • Report the location linear axis at the level of tibial plateau (lateral compartment, intercondylar notch, or medial compartment


Limb Length 2

Example report:


  • Mechanical axis: Passes through middle third of medial tibial plateau on the right and mesial third of medial tibial plateau on the left. 
  • Limb length: 90.1 cm on the right and 91.7 cm on the left. 
  • Osteoarthritis of the right knee.


  • Mechanical axis and limb lengths as detailed above. 
Limb Length 3

Example report:


  • Limb lengths: Measure approximately 85.0 cm on the right and 85.0 cm on the left.  Weightbearing axis passes through the lateral intercondylar notch on the right and through the intercondylar notch on the left.
  • Surgical changes of right femoral intramedullary nail and interlocking screw fixation with right knee arthroplasty. Expected alignment of components. Healed appearance of right femoral fracture.