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The Glasgow Research Group studies the interface between health services research and implementation. It specifically focuses on innovation, design, and implementation of work in pursuit of value in surgical care.

The Hanson Research Group is focused on disentangling the interactions of genetic and environmental influences on disease risk throughout the life course, and linking their findings to clinical measures that can be used to improve precision strategies for screening and treatment.

The Lenherr Research Group focuses on medical decision and patterns of care around neurogenic bladder management.

The Morrow Research Group examines the cost-effectiveness of paraesophageal hernia repairs, the utility of cholecystostomy tubes in moderate to severe acute cholecystitis, and patient-reported outcomes in bariatric surgery.

The Pannucci Research Group focuses on venous thromboembolism and the care individualization for VTE using a precision medicine approach.

The Schaeffer Research Group looks at ways to optimize and systematize the delivery of pediatric urology care in the Mountain West.

The Skirko Research Group focuses on developing and measuring quality of life in children with cleft lip and palate with a goal of improving their care.

The Tonna lab focuses on improving the care of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit.

The Urologic Oncology Group focuses on health services research in genitourinary cancers. This group combines unique interdisciplinary training in surgical oncology and the social sciences, resulting in innovative research.