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2021 SACNAS End of Year Event

2021 SACNAS End of Year Event


Vice President: TK Coody

Secretary: Ari Penalva

Treasurer: Arevik Ghazaryan

National Liason: Natalia Torres

Communications: Faith Bowman

Recruitment: Zannel Blanchard

Fundraising: Jesse Velasco

Outreach: Krystal Chung

Historian: Emily Innis

Social Media/Web Design: Jordan Berg

Recruitment/Secretary: Nikki Mathewson

Event Coordinator: Chelsea Gosney

Communications/Historian: Shubham Kale


President: Faith Bowman

Vice President: Jesse Velasco

Secretary: Chelsea Gosney

Treasurer: Krystal Charley

National Liason: Nikki Mathewson

Recruitment: Supraja Ranganathan

Communications: Deirdre Mack

Social Media/Web Master: Jordan Berg

Historian: Heatlove Dadzie

Outreach: Jason Kunisaki

THANK YOU - SACNAS Donors, your donations help students fulfill the missions that SACNAS holds:

Dr. Chris Hill

Dr. Michael Kay

Sasha Jessica Luks-Morgan

Erica Reifenberg

Dr. Aylin Rodan

Dr. Janis Weis


Bunsen Burner Award - This award goes to the SACNISTA with the hottest/brightest ideas

Jesse Velasco

Nucleic Acid Award - This award goes to the Indispensable SACNISTA. We could not function without you.

Ari Penalva

Statistically Significant SACNISTA Award - For Any member who's consistently has shown their dedication to SACNAS through supporting our events

Cindy Barba

Dinero Award - Goes to the SACNISTA who is always mentoring, finding, and sharing funding opportunities to the U of U SACNAS Community.

Jeanette Ducut-Sigala

Most Memeable - Goes to the most hilarious SACNISTA who is always making us laugh

David Grunwald

Immunoflorence Award - Goes to the most upbeat, positive SACNISTA who radiates energy/light and makes our chapter shine

Minna Roh-Johnson

(-80) Award - Goes to the most chill SACNISTA always providing peer to peer support during stressful times

TK Coody

Resiliency Award - For the SACNISTA who has most inspired us to keep pushing the boundaries to achieve our academic and career goals

Zannel Blanchard & Jerry Duran

Flow Cytometry Award- For the SACNISTA who goes with the flow and is always down for anything

Jordan Berg


2021 SACNAS End of Year Event
2021 SACNAS End of Year Event
2021 SACNAS End of Year Event