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    Yes, however you can only transfer 9 credit hours of coursework taken prior to entering a graduate program. The Certificate is considered a Second Bachelors. You cannot actually just "transfer" to the graduate program; you must apply with all other applicants by the annual posted deadlines in December. Be aware of the additional application requirements for a graduate program that differs from the Certificate. You must take the GRE, for example, and have a written Statement of Purpose to outline your research objectives.

    MS students interested in the PhD will need to reapply during the regular admissions cycle. 

    The GRE is not required to apply to the MS program and is optional for the PhD program.

    This only applies to the Master's program as there is not a set requirement of credit hours for the PhD program. However, as quoted from the Graduate School's Policies:

    Graduate credit may be transferred from other institutions. Credits transferred from another institution may be used for only one degree. Up to six semester hours of transfer credit may be applied toward fulfillment of graduate degree requirements if they are of high letter grade (B or higher; 'credit only' grades are unacceptable), are recommended by the student's supervisory committee, and were taken within four years of semester of admission to the University of Utah for master's students and within seven years of semester of admission to the University of Utah for doctoral students.

    Yes, you can apply as a non-matriculated student and enroll in courses in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. You can take up to 9 credit hours of coursework prior to being accepted to a graduate program and can then apply those courses to your Master's or Ph.D. program. You can apply here as a non-matriculated student (Non-Degree Seeking).

    Have more questions? Please reach out to: 

    Barbara Saffel

    PhD Program

    Eli Covarrubias

    Master’s Program