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MSRP Fellowship

The primary objective of the Dermatology Summer Medical Student Research Fellowship is to provide a meaningful mentored clinical or basic science research experience in dermatology. We also offer one summer fellowship in medical education. Secondary objectives include:

  • Providing training in clinical or basic science research in dermatology
  • Providing an in-depth experience with skin disease, both clinically and through research, to prepare the student for a career in academic dermatology.

University of Utah School of Medicine MS1 students

Time frame
8 weeks (June-July) between MS1 and MS2 years

The student is expected to identify a dermatology faculty mentor to identify a potential research project between November and February. Working with the faculty mentor, the student must accomplish the following:

  • Complete the “Expectations Worksheet" below.
  • Complete all CITI training prior to starting the fellowship.
  • All projects must be IRB approved prior to the start of the fellowship.
  • Students are encouraged to attend their mentor’s clinic at least ½ day/week.
  • Meet regularly (on a pre-determined schedule) with the mentor for feedback and progress reports
  • Attend the MSRP lectures (highly recommended)

Primary Deliverable
An abstract is due the last week of July for presentation at the Fall MSRP Research Forum

Salary/Project Support
Each student will receive a $1500 stipend paid in 2 installments: 

  • $750 will be paid in mid-June
  • $750 will be paid after receipt of the student’s abstract
  • Up to $1000 in research funds are available for materials/statistical support (budget required).

Expectations Worksheet
1. What are your Research Deliverables? Please describe the expected deliverables of your research project: e.g., poster/abstract presentation, manuscript prepared, website, etc.

2. Please provide a timeline for your Research Deliverables. If the research is not expected to be completed by the end of summer, proposed a timeline for your outcomes (e.g., abstract submitted and/or manuscript written by a specific date).

3. Please briefly describe the mentoring plan. Mentor and mentee should pre-determine a schedule of meetings (e.g., weekly one-hour meetings), mentee/mentor expectations (e.g., who will provide statistical support?), and mentee’s personal goals/objectives?


We are confident you will leave this program ranked among the very best physicians in America and well prepared to practice medicine.