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    Board Certified

    John J. Zone, M.D.,  Kristin M. Leiferman, M.D., and Melanie K. Kuechle, M.D. are American Board of Dermatology Diplomats in Dermatology and Dermatological Immunology / Diagnostic and Laboratory Immunology. Mazdak A. Khalighi,  M.D. and Margaret M. Cocks, Ph.D., M.D. are American Board of Pathology Diplomats in Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Khalighi additionally has fellowship training and faculty experience in Renal Pathology/Immunopathology. Dr. Cocks additionally is an American Board of Pathology Diplomat in Clinical Pathology and is an American Board of Dermatology Diplomat in Dermatology and Dermatopathology. Drs. Khalighi and Cocks have had specialized, fellowship-equivalent training in laboratory immunodermatology by Drs. Zone and Leiferman.