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Course requirements of the public health statistics certificate program allow some flexibility depending on a person’s math/statistics background. Thus, pre-requisites vary in difficulty depending on the certificate courses that a student selects. A student may refer to the college catalog in order to determine the prerequisites for a particular course.

A grade of B- or better is required for all pre-requisite courses.

Please see the required course list to determine which pre-requisites are necessary for a given program of study.

Minimum Academic Requirements for Admission

Applicants must meet academic minimum requirements for admission. The requirements listed are the minimum set by the Graduate School of the University of Utah and do not guarantee admission into the certificate program. Applicants are evaluated with respect to university and departmental requirements and with respect to the pool of available applicants.

The minimum academic requirements for graduate admission are the following:

    • A bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited college/university,
    • At least a 3.00 or higher undergraduate weighted mean GPA*

International Applicants

    • International students must have an H visa to be eligible for the certificate program if a graduate program is not indicated. F1 or J1 visas are only acceptable if the student is in a graduate program. Students who hold an F1 or J1 visa and do not have a graduate program are not eligible for the certificate programs.

Application Deadlines

The certificate program has rolling admissions and applications will be considered at any anytime. The deadlines outlined below are to be considered for students needing to apply through the Office of Admissions as a Non-Matriculated student or a Seeking Second Bachelors student. If any late fees are required, it is the student’s responsibility to cover those fees.

Office of Admissions Deadlines:

    • Fall – April 1
    • Spring – November 1
    • Summer – March 15

Application Requirements

Once the online application has been complete and the student has submitted their unofficial transcripts to Josué Martinez, the student’s application will be reviewed. Once an admissions decision has been made, the student will be notified by email of the final decision.

If admitted into the certificate program:

    • Registration options:
      • Option 1: Enroll in a graduate program. If the student is a matriculated student in a graduate program they must receive permission from their home program to earn the certificate. Please submit the agreement form to Josué Martinez after permission is granted.
      • Option 2: Enroll as seeking second bachelors or non-matriculated student. If the student does not have a graduate program, they must apply through the Office of Admissions as seeking second bachelors, i. Intended Major – undecided, or as a non-matriculated student.

*Please note that if a student has any intention of applying for a graduate program and anticipates coursework taken as a certificate student will apply, they must be mindful of what degree status they apply under. Seeking second bachelors students are eligible to apply for financial aid, but can only apply 6 credits hours’ worth of certificate coursework towards their desired graduate program. Likewise, non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid, but can apply up to 9 credit hours towards a graduate program. For more information please refer to the Office of Admissions.