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Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. Through networking you can make connections which may lead to future employment. LinkedIn is a great resource which allows you to build a profile highlighting your strengths, while also providing a professional platform to connect with individuals working in a career that interests you. Check out 37 ways to thrive on LinkedIn and tips on creating a profile.

  • Linkedin - Create a LinkedIn profile to network with potential employers and those who share similar career interests.
  • 37 Ways to Thrive on LinkedIn – Find out 37 ways to Thrive on LinkedIn.
  • ALUMNIFIRE - We are excited to announce ALUMNIFIRE, a mentoring program for current U students looking for career guidance from a trusted source. As an integral part of the U community, you're invited to join this exciting networking platform. It is free and you can determine how much time and interaction you can offer—from resume advice to informational interviews to developing full mentor relationships.