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Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West


We believe that the more we can openly and safely talk about drug use, the better we can understand it, treat it, de-stigmatize it, and research it. And the better we can do, the more we can do.


Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West is the weekly podcast from the Program of Addiction Research, Clinical Care, Knowledge, and Advocacy (PARCKA) and the Greater Intermountain Node, where we come together every Wednesday to discuss various topics around addiction.

Hosted by Priscilla Blosser and Mitchell Garets, each episode offers a new conversation around addiction and highlights the work being done to address substance use disorders in our Greater Intermountain West community.

Thank you for joining us, for taking a listen, and joining the conversation!

Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West can be listened to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts now! 

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      It's our 10th episode! In this episode, we are joined by Shauna Filion, the exclusive care coordinator for the SUPeRAD (Substance Use & Pregnancy, Recovery, Addiction, and Dependence) clinic at University of Utah Health. We chat with Shauna about the importance of sharing one's own story with others and showing up authentically and passionately.

      Today we are joined by Michael Incze, MD, MSEd, a primary care physician with University of Utah Health, to chat about collaborative care, balancing patient care and research while practicing self-care, and combatting stigma through education.

      In this episode, we are joined by Clinical Research Coordinator Elysha Cash as we explore the messiness and joy of human research. We also kick off Pride Month 2024 and what it means to have queer identities in the research space.

      In today's episode, we chat with Dr. Ajay Manhapra, the Section Chief of Pain Medicine at the Hampton VA Medical Center, about his experience with collaborative care models, specifically transdisciplinary and biopsychosocial care models. We also talk with Dr. Manhapra about his work as an addictionologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

      In this episode of Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, Mitch and Priscilla are joined by the AAPA's 2024 PA of the Year, Jasmin Charles, MPAS, PA-C, to talk about the root of the word "drug," and what it means to all of us.

      In this episode of Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, our hosts Priscilla Blosser, RN and Mitchell Garets, MSW are joined by Katie Kinsey, LCSW to learn more about Motivational Interviewing and why it's so effective in addressing substance use disorders.

      In this episode of Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, we talk with Grace Broussard, MPH, SSW, about some of the complexities of alcohol and opioid co-use.

      We do love to gab! In this episode of Let’s Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, Mitchell Garets, MSW, is joined by Ashley White, CMHC, as they explore the power of being person-first in all aspects of research and substance use disorder care.

      In this episode of Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, our hosts are joined by Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator, Grace Humiston, CCRC. Grace shares her background in using harm reduction and meeting people where they're at, both in research and life.

      In our debut episode of Let's Talk About Drugs in the Intermountain West, join us as we start sparking meaningful conversations and fostering understanding in an often polarizing and misunderstood topic. Hosts Priscilla Blosser, RN, and Mitchell Garets, MSW, introduce themselves, what brought them to this work, and give hints on all that’s to come!

      Priscilla Blosser, RN, BSN

      Priscilla joined the PARCKA Team as a Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator in 2021. She graduated from Westminster College in 2014 with a baccalaureate in Nursing. She spent the first 4 years of her nursing career on the inpatient Bone Marrow Transplant and Hematology unit at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, following this she spent some time as a Case Manager with the Neuro Critical Care unit with the University of Utah. Priscilla made the transition from clinical nursing to clinical research nursing in 2019.

      "I have loved hearing about the experiences of the people we work with in a way that is not only conversational, but also in a way people can learn from. In this podcast, we are able to get personal with our guests and take account of our diverse backgrounds and experiences to benefit the work we do.” 

      Priscilla Blosser

      Mitchell Garets, MSW, CSW

      Mitchell is currently an Academic Program Manager with PARCKA and joined the team in 2019. He holds both a bachelor and master degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. Additionally, he holds certifications in "Leadership, Justice, and Community Practice" and "Substance Use Disorder Treatment." Mitchell has worked in substance use disorder research and treatment since 2018 in different capacities, including case management, direct clinical intervention, program/project coordination, community advocacy, and DEI work. 

      “All of us have the ability to be a part of change, it doesn’t have to just be those in research, healthcare, policy, treatment, and so on. The more we can talk about addiction and substance use disorders openly and safely, the more we can do about it.”

      Mitchell Garets

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