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Colon Cancer Research - Clinical Approaches to Colon Cancer Precursors

The major goal of this group of projects and cores is the investigation of the genetics and molecular and cell biology of the adenomatous polyp, and clinical investigation of its prevention and natural history.  The goal of this project is to identify colon cancer and susceptibility genes and characterize the clinical phenotype.

Dr. Priyanka Kanth is currently studying molecular markers of sessile serrated colon polyps’ which looks into the gene expression in sessile serrated colon polyps which may have malignant potential.

Recent studies by the group have assessed the increased risk of colorectal cancer associated with various genetic, lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol consumption) and chronic diseases (diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease) and opportunities for chemoprevention (NSAID and statin use). The group is also studying colorectal cancer risk, extra-colonic phenotype, and the etiology of serrated polyposis.