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Effect of Electronic Health Record-Based Coaching on Weight Maintenance: A Randomized Trial
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Improving intern efficiency through laptop based rounding in flow 

Cost-effectiveness of an electronic health record-based intervention to prevent weight regain

Improving naloxone co-prescribing for patients on high dose opioids at hospital discharge


  • Innovation- Quality improvement

Standardizing fragility hip fracture care using an electronic health record approach

A Streamlined Pathway for Community-Acquired Pneumonia with Rapid Conversion to Oral Therapy Improves Healthcare Value



Clinical Vignette: A fatal case of septic shock caused by Acinetobacterbacteremia acquired from a platelet transfusion  by Dr. Christopher Nevala-Plagemann 


Insight into participant-perceived support during and after a weight loss maintenance intervention: a secondary analysis from the MAINTAIN-pc trial

Reducing inappropriate testing for Clostridium difficileinfection (CDI) in an academic medical center through a collaborative approach

Poster Presentations

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Office Blood Pressure Measurements

Improving Inpatient Consults

The NEEDS Pilot Study

Health Coach Pilot

Delirium Treatment Behavioral Intervention

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A Tale of Two Ticks: A case of Babesia microtiand Rickettsia ricketsiico-infection

A Case of Intentional Methanol Ingestion

Diagnostic Challenges of Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis

Simultaneous Discovery of Thyroid Disease and Lymphoma: Is it Simply Coincidence?

ECHOES OF MORTALITY:How a Patient’s Poetic Narrative Expands Understanding of Dying Well

A Case of Non-typhoidalSalmonellacausing a Neck Abscess with SuppurativeLymphadenitis and Myositis in a Hispanic Male with Uncontrolled Diabetes

An Unexpected Cause of Hypoxemia in an Immunosuppressed Patient