The Greater Intermountain Node

The Greater Intermountain Node (GIN) was founded in 2019 to expand the existing National Institute of Drug Abuse Clinical Trial Network (CTN) infrastructure by developing and testing innovative interventions for opioid use disorder, preventing overdose, expanding the settings for Network research, and bringing new research expertise to the Network.

The GIN is housed within the Program for Addiction Research, Clinical Care, Knowledge, and Advocacy (PARCKA) within the Division of Epidemiology within the Department of Internal Medicine within the University Of Utah School Of Medicine. The GIN brings particular expertise in three areas of opioid addiction research to the Utah, regional, and national communities: 

1. Research within non-addiction specialty health care settings
2. Addiction and opioid research within large health systems of care
3. Implementation science and approaches to bring addiction evidence based research to practice.


The GIN leverages robust institutional commitment and infrastructure, institutional centers focused on addiction-related research, and training programs with strong regional and national connections to clinicians, educators, other institutions and organizations, and community stakeholders. GIN has dedicated space, staff, and faculty to accomplish its missions.


Mailing Address: Phone: Email: Fax:
383 Colorow Way, Mailbox 16
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 213-0806 (801) 581-3309



  • 1. 2019 seems like a lifetime ago - if you want a reminder of what we were up to last year, you can read our 2019 Annual Report here


  • 2. All upcoming GIN on the Rocks have been canceled due to COVID-19 related precautions. Learn more here


  • 3. The University of Utah offers a website with news, resources, and how to protect yourself from COVID-19. Stay informed here


  • 4. Learn more about all of our research here


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  • 6. New Logo, Who Dis? The CTN has a new logo for 2020 to celebrate its 20th birthday! See the new logo here

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