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Research Seminar Series

"On the Rocks"

On the Rocks is the Greater Intermountain Node's (GIN) monthly Research Discussion Series that highlights the exceptional addiction related research happening in the Greater Intermountain Community. On the Rocks allows for interactive discussion between speakers and attendees to collaborate and share ideas about study expansion and insight. 

The series title is highlighting the beautiful Rocky Mountain views and famous Utah hiking trails just steps away from our offices!


December 6, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM MST


  • 12:00 - 1:00 PM 
  • CME Credit Available!



  • "A Mixed-Methods Study to Understand the Role of Community Resources in Improving Opioid-Related Outcomes" Nasser Sharareh, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Parsing the ComplexInfluences of Cannabis Useon the Brain & Behavior:Evidence from RigorousAnalyses of Large Datasets" Philip Spechler, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Tobacco-Related Disparities Among Older Adults at High Risk for Lung Cancer" Jaqueline Avila, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Smartphone-Based Intervention for Sleep Disturbance in Individuals Recovering from Alcohol Use Disorder" Tiffany Love, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Potential of Using Real-Time, Ecologically Valid Data to Understand Buprenorphine Non-Retention in the Postpartum Period" Elizabeth Charron, PhD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Tobacco Pack Size Policies and Their Impact on Public Health" Jessica Jensen (née King), PhD, CHES - Watch Here
  • "How Words, Actions, Inactions, and Interactions May Impact the Mental Health of LGBTQIA+ Youth" Sadie Gabler, BS CCRC - Watch Here
  • "Sitting with Distress: Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorder" Katie Witkiewitz, PhD - Recording Unavailable
  • "Looking Under the Hood: Treating Initiation and Retention of Buprenorphine Episodes During the First Year of COVID" Bradley Stein, MD, PhD, MPH - Recording Unavailable


  • "Patient-centered evaluation of healthcare access and quality for individuals with substance use disorders" Taylor Kelley, MD, MPH, MSc - Watch Here
  • "The RDD study: What you need to know about Optimizing Retention, Duration and Discontinuation Strategies for Opioid Use Disorder Pharmacotherapy (CTN-0100)" Elizabeth Howell, MD, MS - Watch Here
  • "Results of a National Survey of Physical Therapists" John (Jake) Magel, PT, PhD, DScPT - Watch Here
  • "Contraceptive Provision & Use Among Women with SUD: Trends, Patterns, and Practices" Elizabeth (Betsy) Charron, PhD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "A Multi-Disciplinary, Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a VA Housing-Assistance Program" Richard Nelson, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Managing Enrollment and Retention of Veterans in the VA Healthcare System" Megan Vanneman, PhD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "The Rural Addiction Implementation Network (RAIN) Initiative" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH; Harlan Wallace, MBA, PMP; and Kayla Fritz, BS - Recording Unavailable
  • "Novel Ways to Expand Addiction Treatment within Primary Care" Michael Incze, MD MSEd - Watch Here


  • "Subthreshold Opioid Use Disorder Prevention (STOP) Trial (CTN -0101)" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Expectant Mothers (MOMs): a pragmatic randomized trial comparing two buprenorphine formulations" Kristi Carlston; Jerry Cochran, PhD, MSW; Jasmin Charles, PA-C, MPAS; Jade Hill, MPH; and Marcela Smid, MD MA MS - Watch Here
  • "Using machine learning to predict opioid overdose and opioid use disorder" Wei-Hsuan Jenny Lo-Ciganic, MS, PHARM, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Improving Mental Health and Substance Use Outcomes for Homeless Veterans through Tailored Services Design" Audrey Jones, PhD - Watch Here
  • "A Behavioral Health and Harm Reduction Intervention for Chronic Pain Patients at Risk for Opioid Misuse; and The Impact of Social Distancing on Chronic Pain Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic" Valerie Hruschak, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Enhancing POUD Care in Rural Communities" Shayla Archer, MS; Jacob Baylis, MPH; Ary Bryan, MSW; and Mitchell Garets, MSW - Watch Here


  • "Overview of the Greater Intermountain Node" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Recording Unavailable
  • "A Foundation to Examine Reasons for Discontinuation for Buprenorphine Care in the Veterans Health Administration" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Recording Unavailable
  • "Validation of a Community Pharmacy-based Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Risk Screening Tool (PHARMSCREEN) (NIH HEAL Initiative)" Jerry Cochran, PhD, MSW - Recording Unavailable
  • "Emergency Department-INitiated BupreNOrphine VAlidaTIONetwork Trial (CTN 0099)" Peter Taillac, MD - Watch Here
  • "Mindfulness Interventions Research" Eric Garland, PhD - Watch Here