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The Alan S. Crandall Center for Glaucoma Innovation

Let’s Do Glaucoma Differently

Nearly 80 million people are living with glaucoma, a blinding disease that will rob them of their eyesight. That number is projected to rise to 112 million people by 2040.

Directed by Dr. Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, the Alan S. Crandall Center for Glaucoma Innovation was created to reverse this trend by leveraging unique resources found only at the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah.

Crandall Center research is leading the way to better diagnostics, safer and more effective therapies and surgical devices, a deeper understanding of glaucoma and its genetics, and expanded access to care.

Glaucoma care physicians at the Moran Eye Center take an interventional approach that may include surgery earlier in the course of the disease to preserve vision.

Retinal ganglion cells (green) connecting with astrocytes (red) and blood cells (white) in the inner retina.
Retinal ganglion cells (green) connecting with astrocytes (red) and blood cells (white) in the inner retina.

Alan S. Crandall Center for Glaucoma Innovation Initiatives

Glaucoma Therapeutics

Innovating safe, effective surgical devices.

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Translational Research

Understanding the biology and genetics of glaucoma.

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Neuroprotection-Based Therapies

Developing new therapies to restore or regenerate the optic nerve.

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Global Care

Finding better ways to diagnose glaucoma and inexpensive yet effective ways to treat it.

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Industry Services

We conduct independent preclinical, clinical, and comparative research with a focus on glaucoma diagnostics and therapeutics.

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Physician and Patient Resources

I'm a Physician

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I'm a Patient

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Newsroom and From Our Experts

Crandall Center Newsroom Resources

Your source for Alan S. Crandall Center to Glaucoma Innovation press releases, blog posts, downloadable photos, and more. 

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Glaucoma Symptoms and Treatment

Early diagnosis matters when it comes to glaucoma, known as the silent thief of sight. Learn more about glaucoma risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options.

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The Gift of Tracking Your Family's Eye Health

When family is together during the holidays or other times of the year, it's a good time to talk about health history.

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Glaucoma and Marijuana: What You Should Know

Some myths die hard, like the one about marijuana as a treatment for glaucoma patients.

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Your Support Makes it Possible

We're partnering with like-minded people, corporations, foundations, and organizations to develop the tools we need to extend the reach of innovative glaucoma therapies and devices across the world.

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Research Enquiries:   

Moran Eye Center Glaucoma Care

For Physicians:

Fax to refer a patient to Dr. Ahmed: 801-213-6972

Call to refer a patient to other Moran specialists: 801-213-2001

For Patients:

Referral required to make an appointment with Dr. Ahmed; fax referral to: 801-213-6972

Make an appointment with another Moran specialist: 801-581-2352