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Our fellows are expected to complete a research project during their training, and the PEM Division offers training and support for fellows to achieve that goal. The fellowship educational curriculum includes conferences focused on statistics and research design. The PEM Division has an internal research infrastructure dedicated to providing research support. The PEM Division Research Manager oversees a team of 2 research coordinators and/or assistants. Research coodrinators are available to meet with you to address project timeline and activities including: study planning, IRB preparation and management, regulatory documentation, patient recruitment and follow-up, and database management. In addition, our division has access to a well-developed University of Utah Academic Associates program, which consists of undergraduate students who help enroll patients in research projects


Mentoring & Support

Attending physicians in the PEM division provide mentoring and serve as a rich source of research ideas. These ideas and other research-related topics are discussed by division members and fellows at a monthly Investigational Methods conference. A Scholarship Oversight Committee mentors each fellow’s progress in research. Fellows are financially supported when submitting and presenting their data at national meetings. Data analysts and statisticians are available to assist with fellow scholarly projects.

Research Projects & Publications

Our ED is a member of the PECARN research collaborative and routinely enrolls patients in multicenter pediatric studies. Faculty and fellows also participate in multicenter Pediatric Emergency Medicine Collaborative Research Committee (PEMCRC) projects. In addition, faculty and fellows are involved in a wide range of projects. View current faculty and fellows’ publications.