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University Child Abuse Recognition & Education Certificate (UCARE)

The purpose of this certificate program is to focus on important topics in the field of child abuse pediatrics. Our program provides more in-depth training than would be gained through the graduate medical education, but less than in fellowship. With the skills and knowledge gained in this training, primary care providers and emergency medicine physicians will develop a clinical competence to appropriately recognize subtle cases of abuse, understand when and how to evaluate further for abuse or other diagnostic mimics, and know how to effectively communicate their findings to community partners such as law enforcement and child protective services. Additionally, through this training program, participants will learn about their community resources to help support families, improve child safety, and learn how and when to access sub-specialty child abuse pediatrics support. Participants will have the opportunity to earn CME credit and a digital badge in Child Abuse Recognition and Evaluation.

Program Directors

Antoinette Laskey, MD

Maija Holsti, MD