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Acceptance to the University of Utah School of Medicine is contingent upon:

  • Successful completion of all premedical coursework and degree(s) exactly as outlined in the application materials.
  • Degrees and premedical courses must be completed by matriculation.
  • Satisfactory results of a criminal background check.
  • Satisfactory Dean’s certification from the college or university where the applicant received their highest degree.

The School of Medicine Office of Admissions must receive official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities you have attended.

Acceptance by the University of Utah Graduate Office of Admissions is contingent on the verification of a baccalaureate degree. 

The University of Utah School of Medicine Admissions Office does not determine residency for tuition purposes. The Graduate Admissions Office determines if a student will pay in-state or out-of-state tuition. Students are encouraged to read the institutional policy for determining residency tuition.  

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Alternate Positions

Applicants on the alternate list may be offered acceptance up until the first day of school. Applicants are accepted from the alternate list in the order that the Admissions Committee ranked them. Your rank is secure throughout the admissions process. Updates to your application will not be accepted. It is not possible to predict the number of alternate positions that will be available.

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Criminal Background Check

The School of Medicine requires a criminal background check prior to matriculation. The purpose of this policy is to protect property and to help ensure a safe environment for patients, employees, visitors, and the general public. Background checks will be performed only after the applicant has accepted an offer of admission to the School of Medicine. All offers of acceptance are contingent upon satisfactory results of a criminal background check.

Information may be obtained by visiting the AAMC-Facilitated Background Check Service.

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Once offered a position at the University of Utah School of Medicine, accepted students are expected to begin their studies the following August.

Deferral of matriculation may be granted due to exceptional circumstances.

Petition for deferment must be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Admissions no less than 60 days prior to the beginning of the incoming class orientation.

The Associate Dean for Admissions may consult with the Admissions Committee for consideration of each request, and may require the submission of additional information and documentation not included in the original request before making a determination.

If a deferral request is granted, applying to another medical school during the period of deferment will result in withdrawal of the initial offer of acceptance and loss of position at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Deferment may be granted for the period of one academic year. This may be extended upon written request to the Associate Dean for Admissions who may consult with the Admissions Committee. All decisions by the Associate Dean for Admissions and Admissions Committee are final.


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Health Insurance Coverage

  • Health insurance is required prior to matriculation. All students are required to have continuous health insurance coverage from matriculation through graduation. Options include private individual insurance, Medicaid, coverage on parents' or spouse's insurance, or enrollment in a group policy such as Utah Medical, American Medical, or American Medical Student Associations.
  • Medical students will be regularly and randomly audited for proof of ongoing health insurance coverage. If an audited student is found to be without health insurance, s/he will be pulled from their curriculum until s/he can provide documentation that his/her health insurance policy is active.
  • Students are encouraged to have health insurance coverage for their dependents also.
  • Information can be obtained by visiting the Student Health Services website.

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To protect the health of patients, students and the community, medical students are required to meet School of Medicine immunization requirements for health care workers at all times during their medical education. Admitted students must complete and submit the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form to Student Health Services along with primary documentation that immunization requirements have been met.

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Previously Matriculated

The Admissions Committee will not consider applicants who have previously matriculated, been dismissed, are on probation, on hold, or who are under suspension at another LCME accredited allopathic medical school including the University of Utah School of Medicine.

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Each year more qualified individuals apply to our school than we can accommodate. This results in a large number of applicants who will reapply to medical school. We recommend that applicants planning to reapply meet with their premedical advisor for recommendations on how to make their medical school application stronger. We recommend that applicants review the admissions requirements and make significant changes in more than one area.

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Transfer Students

The University of Utah School of Medicine accepts applications for transfer from October 1 to February 1 prior to the term of interested enrollment each year.

Opportunities to transfer are limited, as openings are based on the availability of educational resources and vary from year to year. Transfer requests to the University of Utah School of Medicine cannot be guaranteed. 

In order to be considered for a transfer, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must have a strong connection to the state of Utah.
    • Priority will be given to those who are the spouse of a medical school faculty member or the spouse of a person accepted into one of our postgraduate physician training programs.
  • Must be enrolled and in good standing at a fully LCME accredited United States or Canadian allopathic medical school. Students training in non-LCME accredited schools are ineligible to apply.
  • Must have passed the USMLE Step 1 exam.
  • Students may only apply for transfer into the third-year of curriculum. 

Students interested in transferring must submit the following information to from March 1 to April 1 prior to the term of interested enrollment each year:

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • One-page letter addressed to Associate Dean of Admissions explaining the reason for wanting to transfer.  Please include description of connection to Utah.

Final determinations are made by the Admissions Committee.

The University of Utah Graduate Admissions Office determines if a transfer student will pay in-state or out-of-state tuition upon acceptance. Students are encouraged to read the institutional policy for determining residency tuition.  

Application Fee - $110

To be paid when the transfer request has been approved.

The fee may be paid by credit card and is nonrefundable.

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