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Acute Care Surgery


    Perioperative Evaluation and Decision-Making, When to Operate and by Which Approach: Tube Cholecystostomy

    Bacon A, Corgan T, Pender T, Colonna A

    Percutaneous cholecystostomy tube (PCT) placement is a viable method of treating acute cholecystitis in patients that are not surgical candidates for cholecystectomy. Appropriate selection of patients and proper follow up are essential for the use of this modality. PCT has an extremely high success rate of placement allowing the acute cholecystitis to resolve and plans to be made for the management of the patient’s gallbladder. Options post placement include interval cholecystectomy for patients that can tolerate surgery, destination tube placement, or removal of the tube in select individuals.


    Chest Trauma

    Bacon AW, Campion EM

    This chapter delineates the initial assessment of a patient with suspected thoracic trauma and details the diagnosis and treatment of key injuries sustained after blunt and penetrating chest trauma.


    Modified Edwards Quilt Repair of a Chest Wall Reconstruction Failure

    Bacon AW, White T, VanBoerum D

    Case Review Series for the Chest Wall Injury Society

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