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Certificate Program Application

Application instructions:

  1. Review Program Requirements:   Certificate Program
  2. Application: Submission of the Department Application Form
  3. Personal Statement (last question on form):  Please include the following when completing this section:  1) something about yourself, 2) your overall career goals, 3) why you are interested in informatics and how the training will help you with your career goals, 4) what specific area(s) in informatics you are interested in, 5) how do you think informatics can improve health and healthcare.  This should be approximately one page.
  4. CV:  Please include 1-2 page resume.
  5. Transcripts: Submit scanned copies of transcripts by email along with your application form in item #2.
  6. References: After completing the top section and signing, send this reference form to two academic references to complete.
  7. Department Supplementary Application form.

Send all application materials directly to the Academic Program Manager

Once you are advised by the Department that you have been accepted to the Graduate Certificate Program, you will then submit an application for Admission to the University and pay the application fee.  Do not apply for admission prior to being advised of acceptance to the Certificate program.

  1. On the University application for undergraduate admission, choose Second Bachelor's as your program of study. Click here for application instructions.
  2. List your chosen major as Undeclared.

We recommend submitting your application (in full) as early as possible. All application materials are due by:

  • June 1 to the department and July 1 to the general University admissions office beginning for the Fall semester (although applications for Admissions received after April 1 will incur a University $30 late fee)
  • October 1 to the department and November 1 to the general University admissions office beginning for the Spring semester.


Certificate Program Coordinator:

Robert Barber

421 Wakara Way, Suite 140
Salt Lake City, UT  84108


Certificate Application Deadline

Fall Semester

  • June 1

Spring Semester

  • October 1