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Health care / Clinical Informatics

Health Care / Clinical Informatics Application Track

teaches students how to apply biomedical informatics principles and methods to inform and direct healthcare delivery and to address the information needs of healthcare consumers. The goal of health care/clinical informatics is to measurably improve the safety and quality of care delivery and to support the effective implementation of evidence-based practices. Students must demonstrate competency in

  • the foundational technologies and the architectures of electronic health records (EHRs) and related systems,

  • the design (using sociotechnical methods), development, evaluation, and dissemination of innovative technologies that can influence patient care delivery

  • the use of technology to provide informational support to both clinicians and healthcare consumers, and

  • evaluation and enhancement of new and existing systems through instrumentation of the care process so that process and outcome data are effectively collected and analyzed

This track dovetails with the UofU Nursing Informatics (NI) program in the College of Nursing, with many courses co-taught by faculty from both programs.



BMI 6111 - Research Design I

BMI 6120 - Terminologies and standards

Systems & Process Modeling

Grant Writing

BMI 6300 - Clinical Decision Support

BMI 6440 - Clinical Information Systems Architecture

BMI 6804 - Implementation of Systems in Healthcare settings

BMI 6821 - Human System Interactions


NURS 7420 - Health Promotion and Social Determinants

NURS 6661 - Project Management in Health Informatics

NURS 6772 - Quality Improvement in Healthcare

NURS 6807 - Systems Analysis and Implementation  




Sign up for at least one practicum to gain hands-on experience and work with a team on a project. Students have the opportunity to apply to work for a semester with the ReImagineEHR team on an existing project. Must be coordinated with the team/expertise director before registering:

Affiliated Faculty

DBMI: Bruce Bray; Cardiology; Mollie Cummins, NI; Mike Dean, Pediatrics; Scott Evans, Intermountain; Guilherme Del Fiol; Jennifer Garvin; Per Gesteland, Pediatrics; Adi Gundlapalli, Internal Medicine, VA; Marta Heilbrun, Radiology; James Hellewell, Geriatrics; Ken Kawamoto; Polina Kukhareva, Victoria Tiase, Scott Narus, Intermountain; Flory Nkoy, Pediatrics; Chuck Norlin, Pediatrics; Brent James, Intermountain; Chris Maloney, Pediatrics; Stephane Meystre; Alan Morris, Intermountain; Matt Samore, Epidemiology; Kathy Sward, NI; Sid Thornton, Intermountain

Non-DBMI: Laura Heermann-Langford, Intermountain, NI; Rachel Hess, Population Health Sciences.

PhD Application Deadlines

December 1st

Online Application

Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah