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Secondary Analyses of Identification, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Clinical Outcomes for patients with, or at risk for opioid addiction


The purpose of this study is to allow for secondary analyses of previously collected clinical data related to the diagnosis, testing, treatment, and clinical outcomes of patients with, or at risk for, opioid addiction.


This umbrella protocol will cover all procedures and analyses conducted by the PI Michael Incze and investigators on this application (DGIM). This umbrella protocol meets the criteria for the University of Utah IRB Exemption Category 4.

If you want to be added to the Secondary Analysis Opiod umbrella protocol, please submit your project for revision and verification. Add project

Once we receive your project, you will receive a confirmation for inclusion in the umbrella protocol.

*No study procedures are allowed without confirmation from the PI.

For any questions, please email the DGIM Research Program Manager at