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Pam Smith, PhD, 2012
Present: Post-doctoral fellow, NIH
Megan Bestwick Smith, PhD, 2009 
Present: Visiting Assist. Professor Linfield College Oregon
Kevin Rigby, PhD, 2008 
Present: Research Scientist position at miRagen Therapeutics
H. Jerome Coyne III, PhD 2007 
Present: Beckman Coulter, Chaska MN; Senior Development Scientist
Luis Ojeda, PhD, 2006 
Present: Post-doctoral fellow, University Texas, Galveston
Andrew Maxfield PhD, 2004 
Thesis: Structure/function of the Cox17 copper metallochaperone
Thalia Nittis, PhD, 2001 
Present: Instructor Edison State College, Ft Myer FL
Daren Heaton PhD, 2000 
Present: Associate Professor Utah Valley University
Mark Kelleher PhD, 2000 
Present: Sr. Manager Sample Operations at Complete Genomics Inc.
Laran Jensen PhD, 1998 
Present: Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry, Mahidol University
Wei Yu PhD, 1995 
Present: Associate Director, Novartis Corporation
Joanne Thorvaldsen PhD, 1995 
Present: Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania
Bruce Geller PhD, 1982 
Present: Professor Oregon State Univ.