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T32 Training Grant

T32 Training Grant in Hematology

The Hematology research program at the University of Utah was awarded a competing continuation grant from the National Institutes of Health to support a hematology research-training program. This T32 training program funded from July 2016 to June 2021 has been ongoing since its establishment in 1943 by Dr. Max M. Wintrobe. The grant will support both pre-doctoral (PhD and MD/PhD candidates) and post-doctoral researchers (pediatric hematologists, adult hematologists and PhD postdoctoral scholars) working in the areas of metal metabolism, heme biosynthesis, developmental hematopoiesis, stem cell biology and blood cell function in health and disease. The University of Utah has historically been a leader in the field of iron metabolism, heme biosynthesis, hematopoiesis and stem cell biology. Drs. Betty Leibold and Josef Prchal are co-directors of the training grant. 

T32 Hematology Program Trainees funded for 2016/2017

Pre-doctoral trainees:

  • Mattie Casey, GFI1B SNAG Domain Methylation in Megakaryocyte-erythrocyte Lineage Allocation (Mentor: Mike Engel, MD, PhD)
  • Megan Okada, Unraveling Organelle Function in Blood-stage Malaria Parasites (Mentor: Paul Sigala, PhD)
  • Lucas Bus, (Mentor: Tara Deans, PhD)
  • Amanda Mixon, (Mentor: Paul Sigala, PhD)

Post-doctoral trainees:

  • Eric Fredrickson, PhD, Mechanisms of mitochondrial protein quality control and iron sulfur cluster biogenesis (Mentor: Jared Rutter)
  • Chris Ours, MD, (Mentor: Mike Engel, MD, PhD)