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Public Health Detailing

  • Public Health Detailing or Academic Detailing is educational outreach between a trained detailer with a medical provider to provide the most evidence-based recommendations on specific topics. This is accomplished by brief one-on-one visits. The visit assesses the extent which the provider implements a recommendation. Then together, we find solutions for meeting the recommendation by discussing clinic barriers and questions. Read more about this research supported programming that is used throughout the world.
  • Utah’s Public Health Detailing Program focuses on Sexually Transmitted Infections, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) treatment for HIV prevention and nPEP (non-occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis) treatment to prevent HIV acquisition.
  • Providers can meet to discuss any aspects of these topics, including:
    • How to take an affirming sexual health history
    • Which tests the CDC recommends for STI screening
    • Who should receive 3-site testing for chlamydia & gonorrhea
    • When to order an HIV test
    • How to provide PrEP in your practice
    • When and how to start nPEP
  • Visits are one-on-one to help respond to the provider’s specific questions and keep visits within the 15 – 20-minute timeframe.
  • If preferred, group visits are welcome.
  • Virtual and in-person visits are available.
  • Please get in touch with Kelsey Genovesse to schedule a Detailing Session. Or if you are not a medical provider but would still like more information.