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Dr. Jo Abraham is board certified Nephrologist, with clinical and research interests in Glomerulonephritis, Vasculitis, Hypertension and Onco-nephrology. She participates in the following multi-disciplinary clinics at the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

1. At the Glomerulonephritis Clinic, we evaluate and treat patients with inflammation of the functional units of the kidney (the glomeruli). Untreated, glomerulonephritis can lead to end​​-stage renal disease requiring dialysis. Therefore, early and accurate diagnosis and management of the disease is crucial to preserve kidney function. The majority of the patients are referred to this clinic following detection of protein in the urine. Glomerulonephritis can result from primary or secondary causes. Notable systemic conditions include lupus and vasculitis. We work in collaboration with our colleagues in Rheumatology and provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care. We are also conducting clinical trials that involve treatment of glomerular diseases such as focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis ( FSGS) and Lupus Nephritis.

2. The Onco-Nephrology Clinic at the Huntsman Cancer Institute is a collaborative, multidisciplinary clinic with nephrology, hematology and oncology divisions to evaluate and treat patients with electrolyte imbalance and kidney failure that is associated with renal tumors, chemotherapy, secondary hypertension and amyloidosis.    

3. The Hypertension Clinic at the Cardiovascular Institute is a multidisciplinary collaborative team that includes cardiology, nephrology, internal medicine and endocrinology to provide exemplary care in the evaluation and management of hypertension.

Dr. Jo Abraham