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Schedule Format


At the University of Utah, our interns are on a 4+1 schedule system, with at least every fifth week spent on an outpatient rotation. This +1 week ambulatory combines four or five half-day continuity clinic sessions with morning didactic conferences, general medicine clinics, subspecialty clinics, and the Thursday afternoon intern seminar to create a unique educational experience. There are no night or weekend responsibilities during the +1 week, which guarantees you a minimum of one full weekend off out of every five weeks. We believe this allows you to focus on and maximize the rotations you are on between +1 weeks, and subsequently focus on your panel during the +1 week. Preliminary interns may have a modified 4+1 schedule to accommodate their PGY1 curriculum.

What is the Reason for 4+1?

We believe this schedule maximizes the educational experience for our interns. Interns have a steep learning curve. As you are learning the systems and gaining knowledge and confidence, this schedule allows the opportunity to prioritize patients on your scheduled rotation without having to balance rotation and continuity clinic responsibilities. This schedule promotes wellness by ensuring that interns have at least one week of a business hours, Monday-Friday schedule every five weeks.


Our PGY2’s and 3’s continue to have a traditional block system with weekly clinics. We take pride in the flexibility of our resident schedules and the diversity and depth of subspecialty opportunities. The resident’s 2 week subspecialty rotations are not as compatible with the 4+1 schedule.

Sample Schedules