Overarching Strategic Theme

The research and academic aspects of our clinical programs are being developed in close connection and alignment to the development of their clinical/patient care aspects. This parallel development is mutually beneficial both to the research potential and the clinical/patient care potential. One feeds positively to the other in a full circle configuration.

We have a long history of building clinical programs of excellence to better treat our own patients and at the same time advance a whole clinical field bringing benefits to patients beyond the boundaries of our institution and state. Some of these examples are listed here:

Utah's Innovations & Contributions to the Cardiovascular Field


  • Long QT Legend: Revolutionized Arrhythmia World and Pharma World
  • Defined Role of EP Studies and EKG Holter in Arrhythmias
  • Beta-Blocker 'Revolution' in HF
  • Defined Myocarditis Diagnosis & Therapy
  • Gene Discoveries: Cardiomyopathies, HHT, Supravalvular Stenosis and many others
  • Pioneering Mechanical Circulatory Support: IABP Development ('60s–'70s) + First Total Artificial Heart ('60s–'80s) + Continued Driver of Innovation in the field (for information click here)
  • U.T.A.H. Cardiac Transplant Program: Driving Innovation since 1985 +  one of handful programs worldwide > 1500 transplants
  • Antibody Mediated Rejection (AMR) Legend in Heart Transplantation

History Keeps Repeating Itself!

More to come... On-going innovative work in several CV fields...


For current research opportunities, please contact:
Stavros Drakos, MD, PhD (Stavros.Drakos@hsc.utah.edu), Director of Cardiovascular Research
John Kirk, MBA, CCRP (John.Kirk@hsc.utah.edu), Cardiovascular Research Manager.