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Ophthalmology Residency Application Details

Register With the National Resident Matching Program

Applications must be submitted through the Central Application Service (CAS), 414-447-0350, Ophthalmology Matching Program, #391-63, ACGME #240921155, University of Utah. The University of Utah accepts J1 visas only.

The University of Utah also participates in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), 202.828.0566. In partnership with the Internal Medicine Department at the University of Utah, we require an ACGME accredited Preliminary Medicine/Ophthalmology Internship Program listed with NRMP as Medicine-Ophthalmology, #1732140P1; ACGME #2404921155.


Four internship positions are offered, which consist of four months of ophthalmology, six months of medicine, one month of neurology, and one month in the emergency department. The medicine, neurology, and emergency department experience will be included in the eight-month rotation with the Internal Medicine Department and the University-affiliated hospital system. The ophthalmology rotation includes a weekly continuity clinic and extensive work at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center.

We require the four applicants who match with our ophthalmology residency program to also participate in this medicine/ophthalmology internship program; so, you must be registered with NRMP. From the applications received from CAS, those outstanding individuals invited to interview for our residency program will be chosen for our internship program. There will not be a separate scheduled interview for only the internship program; nor will the applicant need to interview with the Internal Medicine Department.

The Department of Ophthalmology will submit the rank list to NRMP and only the applicants we interviewed will be ranked (as mentioned above, the four applicants who match with our residency program are also required to participate in this internship program). So, though we do not require an additional application from NRMP be submitted to us, only the application from CAS, please remember you only need to be registered with NRMP so if interviewed you can be ranked.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. When the application review is completed by our faculty, all applicants will receive written notification of their status.

2024 Residency Interview Dates

  • TBA

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Moran Graduate Medical Education Trainee Orientation 2021

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