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Salary & Benefits for Pediatric Cardiology Fellows

The following stipend schedule for each level of training has been approved for the housestaff year 2024 - 2025:

Level of Training Stipend
1 $71,064
2 $73,686
3 $76,459
4 $79,868
5 $82,731
6 $87,436
7 $89,857
8 $94,981

The following housestaff benefits remain in effect:

  • Three weeks (15 working days) of paid annual vacation, and one week (5 working days) of paid annual personal/professional development time which must be scheduled with the approval of the Program Director. Both vacation and personal/professional development time is non-accruing.
  • Choice of health insurance plans, including hospitalization coverage - premium costs are shared between the Hospital and the house officer for health coverage for the house officer and family.
  • Group dental insurance for trainee and family at a nominal charge per month.
  • Group term life insurance up to the salary amount but not to exceed $25,000 at no charge. Additional life insurance may be purchased by the trainee.
  • Disability insurance for specialty-specific occupation with benefit equal to approximately 66.6% of monthly earnings up to $3,000/month (less benefits from other sources) and built-in-cost-of-living rider. Basic policy paid by Hospital. Additional individual coverage may be purchased by the trainee.
  • Malpractice insurance is provided by the hospital for professional activities that are an approved part of the training program.
  • House staff are responsible for purchasing their own lab coats, which may be purchased from the University of Utah Linen Services.
  • Other benefits, such as reduced tuition, bookstore discount, and others as offered to all University employees.
  • FMLA time paid for up to seven (7) weeks (this includes any FMLA or DLOA in the rolling calendar year).
  • An educational stipend is provided to cover costs of conference attendance and educational materials throughout fellowship.

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