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Rural Clinical Experiences


At the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at University of Utah, students can participate in clinical experiences, such as traditional clerkships, elective experiences, and LIC's. Clinical experiences offer students an opportunity to learn about and explore different specialties in medicine and include the students as members of the health care team. RUUTE helps to facilitate clinical experiences in rural and underserved areas throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Please contact Heather VanOostendorp ( for additional details. For additional information regarding rural clinical experiences, check out our student testimonial page.


RUUTE and Regional Affairs Travel Application

The RUUTE & Regional Affairs team is excited for you to complete a clinical or community experience in a rural and/or underserved community in Utah, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. Funding for lodging and travel assistance (mileage stipends) is limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Travel assistance is also dependent on the time of matriculation, geographical location, clinical experience, and funds available. We understand travel and/or lodging accommodations are important to ensuring your experience is exceptional, thus we will do our best to support your request. Learn more about the travel application here.

Rural & Regional Affairs Clinical Experience Sites

RUUTE Utah Rural Map
Utah Rural Clinical Sites
Idaho Rural Clinical Site Map
Idaho Clinical Sites
Wyoming Site Map
Wyoming Clinical Sites
Montana Clinical Site Map
Montana Clinical Sites

To find more ways to donate towards rural medical student scholarships, please visit the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine Website.

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Please contact the RUUTE Team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.