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Drawing Lessons From the Past and Pioneering the Future With a Focus on Education, Research, and Clinical Service.

Our goal is to select the most capable students to attend our school and to have a balanced, but heterogeneous group that will excel in both the art and science of medicine. We recognize that a diverse student body promotes an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and discussion that is conducive to learning. Exposure to a variety of perspectives and experiences prepares students to care for patients in all walks of life and in every segment of society.

Considered individually, age, color, gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, status as a person with a disability, status as a veteran or disabled veteran are not determinants of diversity and are not identified as unique characteristics during the admissions process.

MCAT scores and grades are carefully scrutinized and are an important part of the application process. All grades received for college credit are included in the AMCAS GPA calculation. If a course is repeated, both grades received for that course are calculated into the GPA. Pass/Fail grades received for college credit are not included in the AMCAS GPA calculation.

Balancing Outside Activities & Schoolwork

As important as grades and test scores are, by themselves they do not predict who will be successful in medical school. The demands of medical education and life as a physician are not for everyone. We consider how the applicant balances outside activities and responsibilities with schoolwork to be an indicator of ability to deal with the rigors of life as a physician. The committee is interested in the applicant's motivation for attending medical school and his/her understanding of the medical profession as well as their diversity of experience.

Commitment to community service, ethical behavior, compassion, leadership ability and communication skills are valued and important characteristics of physicians. Applications and interviews assist us in evaluating these qualities. We expect applicants to be courteous, respectful and professional at all times.

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