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Public Health

Global Health


Emergency Health

Required Courses

Emergency Health Required Courses

PBHLT 6780 Emergency Public Health: Planning for Disasters 3 Spring
PBHLT 6781 Post-Disaster Community Health 3 Fall
PBHLT 6340 Infectious Disease Epidemiology 3 Fall
PBHLT 6980 Emergency Health Practicum 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
PBHLT 6960 *Public Health Practicum (in lieu of Emergency Health Practicum for MPH students 3 Fall/Spring/Summer

Approved Electives: minimum 6 credits

Students will select a minimum of two electives (6 credits) from the lists below

Please note that the semester of the approved elective courses listed below are subject to change.

MHA 6530 Health Care Administration 3 Fall
GEOG 5340 Geography of Disasters 3 Spring
GEOG 5215 Climate Change and Impacts 3 Fall
HEDU 5800 Emergency Medical Responder in Disaster Settings 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 6240 Health Communications 3 Spring
PADMN 6965 21st Century Issues in Public Safety 3 Fall
COMM 6365 Communicating Climate Change 3 Spring
GEOG 5210 Geography of Global Climate Change 3 Spring
GEOG 5320 Terrorism and Security 3 Spring

Total: 18 credits

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