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Overview of Emergency Medicine Research

The University of Utah's unique setting offers multiple opportunities for varied areas of research in emergency medicine. The division has published multiple papers in wilderness medicine, air medical transport, winter resort injuries, and pain management. The division's toxicology center regularly produces nationally recognized publications. The emergency department's new ten-bed observation unit has been a source of multiple studies in observation medicine. Additional areas of research include emergency cardiology, prehospital care, emergency ultrasound, international medicine (with division ties to Peru and Thailand), emergency psychiatry, medical education, and emergency obstetrics.

Residents play an active role in the success of the division's research. Residents have produced several publications and regularly present at national emergency medicine conferences. The division assists and encourages residents in developing their own research interests, which have been as varied as international ultrasound training, podcast use for medical education, and a novel technique for central line placement.

The division is home to the Utah Research for Observation Medicine Improvement (ROMI) Center. The division also produces a quarterly research newsletter with updates on publications, conference presentations, and awards. Links to the newsletter may be found on this page.


Austin Stevens
Director, Research & Science