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Projects & Funding

Current Research Project

  1. Validate the potent and specific HuR inhibitor KH-3/KH-39 as a novel anti-renal inflammation therapy for CKD with HuR overexpression.
  2. Investigate the mechanism(s) that underlies the profibrotic action of EphB2 signaling in renal fibrosis
  3. Explore the mechanisms and novel treatment for diabetic nephropathy

Current Funding

  1. NIHR01DK123727- “Novel therapeutic strategy for renal fibrosis by targeting RNA binding protein HuR”
  2. AstraZeneca LP 10036772- “Therapeutic efficacy of AZ cpd compound on diabetic nephropathy in uninephrectomized db/db mice
  3. Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Research Grant- “Efficacy of sGC activator and sGLT2 inhibitor on diabetic nephropathy