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Current Research Funding & Projects:

  1. VA-CDA2, 1IK2CX000537.  Investigations of the optimum serum bicarbonate level in renal disease.
    The goal of this project is to study the effect of sodium bicarbonate on renal fibrosis and complement activation markers in diabetic CKD patients with normal serum bicarbonate.
  2. Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Award, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Urinary acid excretion in chronic kidney disease.
    The goal of this project is to investigate the cross-sectional and longitudinal relationships between urinary acid excretion and renal function in people with CKD.
  3. 1UO1DK099933-01.  Oral sodium bicarbonate to slow chronic kidney disease progression.
    The goal of this project is to determine the optimum dose of sodium bicarbonate to use as a strategy to slow CKD progression.

Kalani Raphael, MD, MD

Associate Professor,

Nephrology & Hypertension

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