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Our goal at the University of Utah Pulmonary Hypertension Center is to provide the best care for our patients with pulmonary hypertension.  In addition to exceptional patient care, clinical research is also an essential priority.  We offer a variety of clinical trials for various types of pulmonary hypertension patients.  Our participation in clinic trials is important to advance the understanding and improve the therapeutic options for this disease.  The number and type of clinic trials vary over time, but we often are involved in clinical trials examining novel therapies, identification of genetic mutations, quality of life improvement strategies and alternative uses for existing targeted therapies.  We may also ask you to participate in registry studies which pool data from multiple medical centers to better understand disease progression and outcomes.  We encourage all of our patients to potentially participate in hopes for us to gain a better understanding of this disease.  If you are interested, please ask during your clinic visit for more information on these trials.

Nathan Hatton MD is currently involved in several clinical trials focusing on improving treatments for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), including a study of immunomodulation in connective tissue disease associated PAH. Dr. Hatton is also evaluating the role of inhaled nitric oxide in outpatient management of PAH. 

John Ryan MD is also involved in clinical trials in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and is the site principal investigator in the PARAGON-HF clinical trial.

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